The Romance Affliction with Georgia Grace

the romance affliction with georgia grace

The Romance Affliction with Georgia Grace:

Romance is the name of the game under this author. All types of romance, but reader be warned, these titles may be for ages 18+ and can have graphic imaginations in them. So read at your own risk, but as they say – “Love is the one thing worth dying for.”

If you or anyone you know loves the feelings that passion bring and always want a twist in the story, then my work is right up your alley. Gripping stories that fill your soul and make your chest bloom with feeling is what I specialize in.

You can find more of my work on . You can also purchase my books and review them. My first two books are out. Their Safe Landing book 1 and Their Somewhere Safe book 2. I am on Good Reads and would love any feed back.

I am also, on Facebook and if you follow the link above or on my profile here, you can see my Facebook page. It is not for young viewers as I share all different languages and outlets of romance, love and passion. So discretion is expected.

Another way to reach me is on Chapters Interactive App. I have stories on there if you like tap tales. The names of those are The Promise of Two and Love at the Lake.

The Romance Affliction with Georgia Grace is a place where you can view more of my tales of love, heartache, compassion, passion, drama, suspense and so much more. If you find yourself in need of a little reading and have time, please take a look and again, reviews are always welcome and always encouraged.

Happy reading to everyone and always remember, “You can’t have History without a little Story in it.”

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