The Precariousness of the Military Spouse

This page is all about the military significant others. Whether you are now single, a single parent, or still married and have children or not, this page is for you. I have been a single parent and I have been married for a while now to a career military man and we have multiple children and a menagerie of animals. I will go through my life as a spouse and mother. Discussing things that are of no consequence or are of major consequence but at the moment matter. I am sure we all go through things and have had a need for a voice to those things. I am here to let you know you are not alone.

Whether it is to break down, scream joy, or wanting to just give up because times seem so hard when everything is coming at you and you are alone to deal with it all, I am here. We can get through it, no matter how hard it seems or is, we can get through it because we are a spouse of a soldier. If they can go out, leave their families to defend our freedom, we can serve the home-front by making sure they have a home to come back to. WE ARE STRONGER THAN WE FEEL.

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