SrS 2019 Goals

2019 Goals

Here is my goal wall!

Well, 2019 is finally here and I must say that although 2018 had some hardships and challenges it was still a great year. I watched my Facebook feed as the old year was coming to an end and every single person that I saw couldn’t wait for the year to be over and hoped that the new year would be better. It kind of saddened me that not one person saw any good come into their life for the year that was closing. Or perhaps, it is easier to complain and point out the negative instead of focusing on the positive.

As you can see I have posted in this blog a picture of my kitchen wall and on it are my 5 categories and the options I can choose from. I am very happy to say that I am accomplishing some of the goals and the first week of January hasn’t even come to a close. Under my challenging topic, one of my goals is to help 3 people. I originally said help 3 people publish their manuscript and that still stands, if you come to me but I changed it to help 3 people.

On January 2nd while at the Dollar Tree an elderly woman was in front of me with a small pile of items that she had been selecting around the store- I know this because I had literally bumped into her in an overly crowded aisle. I immediately gave her my apology and went about my way. Now keep in mind, when I go to the dollar store, I shop without any cares in the world, I mean, after all, it is a dollar store. However, today I was reminded that there are some who are not as fortunate as me and live on a tighter budget.

I watched her take her treasures of necessities out of her cart and place them on the conveyor belt, all the while, counting out her items and her brow crinkling as she put down her eleventh item. While she did this, I was slowly adding my items to the conveyor belt, behind the little green stick, that she had placed to separate our items. I chuckled to myself as I realized she probably was afraid that I was going to slip some of my items into her pile for her to buy. The cashier proceeded to check her out and place her goodies in the appropriate bags and said, “That will be $11.66.”

The elderly woman placed her purse on the belt and started digging through her purse. As the seconds started to tick by, her rummaging became a little more frantic and she literally went into a panic. She kept stammering to the cashier that she had forgotten her change purse at home along with her drivers license. I didn’t think twice. I didn’t do it to get through the line faster. It’s just who I am. I simply looked at the cashier and said, “I got this.” The elderly woman turned to me and her eyes filled up with tears and she asked why would I do that? Well, it’s just who I am I guess. I wished her a Happy New Year and didn’t give it a second thought. She just kept looking from me to the cashier, not quite understanding what had just happened. Again, I just smiled and told her to have a great day. She asked me for my address so that she could pay me back. I quickly reassured her that reimbursement was not necessary, but perhaps one day if she were somewhere and someone else needed help that maybe she could help them if she were able. Pay it forward.

So, without even trying, I had helped one out of three people on my challenging column. I have to tell you, that one small act gave me such great happiness inside that my entire day was full of good thoughts. The situation did humble me a bit. To think that while I go through the dollar store just throwing items in my cart not worrying about the bill, there are those out there who have to count every penny. Does this mean I will be more frugal in 2019 at the dollar store? Uh no. For today, that is not a worry for me, perhaps one day, but not today.

So, even though I can’t highlight one item off of my goals for 2019, I have made a dent and it makes me want to do more. I really hope that someone reads this and joins me in sharing their goals for 2019. Company can be the best motivator ever! SrS


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