SrS 2019 Goals

2019 Goal Updates

When I started this particular blog on my goals for the year the list was quite expansive. Now as we are entering into the final quarter of the year, I am proud as I look at my wall which at the start of January ran from the top to the bottom with all kinds of ‘to dos’ in between. Not only did I accomplish reaching my goal in each category but I also completed some of the categories entirely. For those of you who are not up to speed you should go back to the original post and take a look at the picture of my goal wall.

There are only three categories left on my wall, Fun, Health and Challenging. I am happy to say that in October my last item on the fun column is a train ride which we will be taking through the mountains when the leaves are in full color with the autumn change. This will also be the last item in the fun category and then it will leave me with the final two. Will I be able to complete them all? No, but I am very much okay with that because I went farther this year than any other year.

The hardest of them all is the challenging category, which makes sense. My only two goals left in that column is selling 1000 copies of my books and getting Max to talk. Well, I must say that I may have set the bar way to far up in selling my books and as for Max, well the year isn’t over yet and I do have faith.

In the health category I have 2 items left: dentist and treadmill daily. If it were up to me I would just ignore those two but, I am going to try!!!

I am currently starting to write down ideas for the upcoming year of 2020 and setting out on new goals to write down!!!! Perhaps this year I will shake things up a bit. Then again, maybe not!!! SrS

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