SrS 2019 Goals

2019 Goal Update

Hello Everyone! SrS here with my 2019 goals update. As you can see, a lot has been added to my wall of desired achievements. Before I get into all of that I just need to say that I am having a great time with my goals this year. So much so, that my excitement is as prominent today, as it was last month. I have been a busy little beaver, all over the board. So, without further ado, let me get started and give you a run down. My category FUN, still hasn’t been touched. I have dyed my hair a different color but that’s not a new hairdo so I let it up there and the other two subjects I am saving for springtime. Which takes me to DESIRED, now here I have made some great progress which only gets me more excited. My three subjects under that category are: Raise $ for Feral cats, 3 book signings and Marketing Ads. Since January I have scheduled a book signing at the Hamburg Library on 2/26/19, I have signed a contract with a local bookstore for my book to be sold there, and sent out a press release to our local newspaper! Marketing has been a huge success as well, through Bookbub and Facebook which has been generating sales! HEALTH: I have erased Mammogram off the wall because I completed it on 1/26/19!!! Leaving only a dentist visit and walking on the treadmill 1x per week!! NECESSARY: Nothing completed as of yet but I have completed 3 chapters in my second novel bringing me closer to the finish line. CHALLENGING: I am not quite at 1000 sold books but I have made a few sales. I am down to only needing to help 2 more people and Max talking is a work in progress!!! All in all I have had a very busy January and February is turning out to be just as busy but I have not lost interest and I am still going strong. Thanks for coming and checking out my updates!! –SrS


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