SrS 2019 Goals

2019 Goal Update 3/7/19

Hello Everyone, SrS here!!! It has certainly been awhile since I have posted on our website, at least a month. I do apologize but I have been a busy beaver! I am happy to report that as of today, I have completed another item on my Goal wall. Under the Desired column I have eliminated the 3 book signings all together! Can I get a whoop–whoop!! This is very exciting, not just because I have completed another task on my Goal wall but also this mean that I am scheduling and completing marketing, for my novel.

So, just to review for you under my Desired column: Raise money for feral cats, which I am donating a basket containing a copy of my book and a ceramic mug with different flavored cocoas in it, which will be auctioned off for money. Completed! Acquire 3 book signings; #1 went to firefly bookstore signing a 1 year contract, #2 on 2/26/19 we had our first official book signing and #3 I just received news today that I have been accepted in the Hamburger Festival 2019 to set up a book signing stand. Please keep in mind that I will not stop even though I have reached my objective goal. I am speeding downhill and gaining momentum!!!!!

Under the Necessary column: #1 finish painting the den, well I am happy to report that I have been working on it,in small increments and see the finish line in the near future!!! #2 Finish my second novel– I have been diligently writing in all of my spare time and my projected time frame is that it will be set to print in the first week of April!!! #3 Start Autism novel–although I have given no time to this on paper, I have been thinking a lot about it and I am excited to start the outline,once my second novel goes to print.

Challenging Goals: #1 Help 3 people is down to helping 2 still, #2 Get Max to talk is always a work in progress on a daily basis and I will NEVER give up..#3 Sell 1000 books…I am down to 994 (sold 6 books WOO HOO) I know that I will never reach the selling goal of 1000 copies but seeing the number drop even just one at a time brings a smile to my face.

Fun Goals: Well I have been so busy working, writing, marketing and so many other ‘to do’ things that I really have had no time for fun but the weather will be breaking shortly and bringing with it sunshine and play day, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that by that time, I will need some fun time and they will disappear from my wall in record time!!!!!

Until next time, may the sun shine on your face and your heart be filled with love. Sincerely, SrS


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