A New Year’s Resolution

How you plan a New Year’s Resolution should be given a great deal of thought. We so often determine our resolutions rapid shot: give up things, acquire things, do things – the list is always thought up and approached so quickly, without any thoughts as to how or why it might fail.

It is so easy to begin a project or a task with great zeal. However, life tends to give us so many distractions that we forget where we were going or what we were doing. All our initial plans go down the rabit hole and out of site more quickly than the rabit himself!

I lead the kind of life that seems to open up many random singularities or black holes, that suck all of my time up.

It is sorta like my bank account. I start out with a large amount in it, but it only takes a little time and poof – it is down to almost nothing. We have nickled and dimed ourselves to death and not even realized it.

What do you lose down the hole?

I seem to do the same thing with my time. I am never sure where the days go or why I start the day out determined to accomplish something and bam – it is time to make supper. Feed the cats, do the dishes, take care of the leaky faucet – a myraid of dumb little things that clutter up the day and draw away all of the time I expected to use for my project.

Then, to put icing on the cake, I got involved with an affiliate blogging group that really sucked the creativity out of my life. I spent six months with them. Although I learned a great deal about making money on blog sites, I did not do my favorite project – writing.

Creativity requires lots of time to just think. I often find driving on a trip a good place to do that, but now I like just doodling on a pad, listening to my favorite music.

It was at that point I realized I had neglected my creative side. I did not nurture my thoughts and allow them to wander around Wonderland. I was too busy trying to make money online – just to see if it worked. Guess what – it requires more time than I had to give. I realized I could not do that and write my books.

It is now going on 2020 and I made a decision – guess what it was…..

If we want to have the time to do our creative works, we have to scrape out of our lives some of the nonsense that seem so very important at the time. I realized I had to start becoming obsessive with my time (my cat will just have to humor me!).

So, just as many others have decided to make a New Year’s resolution, I am going to make 2020 a writing year! My goal – finish at least two books by next Christmas, and get a third one started. These are extremely lofty goals, but I realized that I spent all of my time, this past six months blogging. That is writing, it just was not getting a book material completed. If I could spend that much time blogging, I could do it writing on my next young adult novel.

A New Year’s Resolution with love

I have discovered something else – this new determination to make writing my new year’s resolution – I feel freed! The shakles are dropping off me and I am free to do what I love. You can not imagine how that feels until you have done it. Determining what you love to do and deciding to make that your total focus for a year!

So take some time and decide what is most important to you. Think what is keeping you from accomplishing whatever goal you set your sites on. Then take the time to setup methods to avoid most of the pitfalls that will ruin your chance to reach that goal.

I not only have to carve up my day into manditory writing times but also the miscellanous times. After all, my husband still wants to be fed, as does our cats, so I will need to allow for that. My writing is my joy and I want to do this with the love that I have for it. When I do, I feel the Warmth of God’s smile. I know I am doing what He truly wants me to do!

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