MJ Wijtyk

        Hello to all who do not know me.  My name is Mary Jane Wijtyk and I am, for all practical purposes, a writer.  Although I do this now for pleasure, I have written for my church, my work (technical software manuals) and for my family.   I have discovered that it is very gratifying to be able to speak with other writers who have struggled with the same issues that I have over the years and have stuck to it.  Now, it is as much fun for me to help other authors with their projects as it is writing my own works.  I started a writers group in our library and have met some of the most talented people from our area.

I taught high school, mostly math and science, in Maine and in Florida.  I enjoyed working with the students and seeing if I could trigger their imagination.  Now, I can apply that to the characters in my books.  I am experimenting with different genre to see what I enjoy the most (and what my readers enjoy the most).  I have one book now up on Amazon.com that was published a few years ago.  I will be adding a second book to my collection by the end of this summer, but it will be a completely different target audience.  My first book, Tears of Dragons Gone By is a Christian Fantasy (the first of a series) is for young adults.  It is for the parents who are looking for something that their children can read with out the sex and language that has permeated our young adult book shelves.

The book I have coming out in August, is an adult fiction.  I will tell you more as the release time approaches.

In the picture with me is my husband, Zenon, who does illustrations for ebooks.  He illustrated my book cover and a some of the others that will appear in this website.

To purchase this book, go to     www.books2read.com/MJsWorld  and you will see all the locations from which you can purchase the book.




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