Magical Mistakes with Fiona Trinket

Inspiration – By Fiona Trinket

Inspiration. Remember to be inspired. Remember what it feels like to have so much flowing through you that you had a euphoria feeling inside? How about when your brain couldn’t catch up with your mouth and random things would pour out of you because your mouth skipped a few steps that your brain already completed. So, to others it comes out as gibberish or random garble. Why do we stop becoming inspired as adults? As kids we sat in classrooms and had educators Infront of us. Some of them made us want to go to bed while others made us imagine more.  As adults we have become complacent in our imagination. Our creativity has become stifled by the mundane of the world and we are now frightened to take any risks that would create our own kind of magic. If we try something new without a plan in place, it becomes scary. It becomes this big “No. No” that turns into something worse. The “we can’t do it” or the “we are not good enough to do that” train of thought.

We are told so many times growing up not to make mistakes. Mistakes create consequences and those consequences can be something we regret. What people forget is, with every mistake we make we learn something new. We work with or around it and begin a new way of doing something. There is a beauty to this process and with any beauty there can be a beast. If something negative comes out of it we should face it head on. Believe me, I have my own share of regretful crossroads, but if I had chosen different or to just sit down on that road and stay there, I would not have learned or done so many of the things I do now. That is inspiration. Doing something regardless of the pro’s and con’s because sometimes the education or life lesson you may get out of it, outweighs the risk involved. No hero stopped what they were doing because they thought it would be too difficult or the risk too great to themselves. They do it regardless because they believe in the task. The end results. Their goal and dreams.

Become inspiration. Those that inspired you helped you to grow and listen. They helped you to follow your dreams and gave you ideas. They provided passion for new ones. We become inspired by TV shows or books. Stories or life events. But somewhere along the way it just gets snuffed out, like a candle when a lid gets placed over the jar. Why do we stop becoming inspired as adults? Why does it seem to have just stopped altogether? Thinking about that for a moment, you may be able to pick out one moment when it happened or it could be gradual, or you simply just do not know. I for one try to not only inspire, but to be an inspiration if I am able. It could be the simplest thing or the most difficult. If a toddler picks up a penny tell them “A dwarf kissed that penny and said whoever picks it up will see a fairy one day.” Or tell a coworker, “One of the most magical things I have seen today was the sun rise. The colors reminded me of taking a trip to Egypt and seeing where the pharaohs used to roam.” Write a story and mail it to someone. You don’t have to even know a mailing address to stick it in a mailbox addressed to homeowner or lords and ladies of the house.

As a writer you have an ability to help others see their imagination or creativity in a new light. Spread the love and passion you have to others. So many people have been silenced throughout the ages that now we should get as much out there as possible. If you think about it everything had an inspirational need or imagination at one point in time. Architects need to not only read a plot map and design outline, but they also need to be able to imagine what the building or structure will look like. How the sun will illuminate the space. How the earth will look around it. How it will form or conform to the area and landscape. Pharmacists need to imagine all the possibilities of a drug or mix of drugs. They need to understand not what a medication looks like but how that medication could affect the individual they are dispensing it to. How their life may be impacted. A writer creates worlds, scenes, and lives out of thin air. They need to imagine all aspects of who they are talking about. A retail clerk needs to have inspiration to keep their brains busy. Not just to have a wonderful and positive attitude but to interact with their customers. Some need something to look forward to.

Do not stifle your inspiration. Instead, share it. Help others to become inspired. Maybe it will lighten their day, maybe they will think you need professional help, either way you got them thinking and that is the end goal.

I am a children's author of the imagination. I love to inspire and be inspired. There are so many people out there, both young and old that could use a little magic in their life and I like the create the magical in any passionate situation. If you wish to know more please read some of my work. I will post my books as they become available on here as well. Mistakes are not only learning experiences but how we can create magic of our own. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, be afraid of never making any and never finding the "wow" moment in life.

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