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Dog Food Commercials: Kibble, Raw or Cooked.

              Dog Food Commercials: Kibble, Raw or Cooked. This blog, although not about romance, is about a topic that I have seen on several commercials lately and I wanted to give some input on it. I understand that dog food can be expensive. In fact, any animal food can be expensive. Buying our own food can be expensive when we want to eat Dog Kibble Raw or Cookedproperly too. The commercial for Blue dog food, where two women with carts in a parking lot are having a discussion over how much more Blue costs than Beneful dog food, is silly. Yes, the dog food costs more and some people simply can’t afford that. Beneful can be costly too. I know from experience.

                However, the main topic I want to touch on is this… if you are so concerned about what is in your dog food and you are willing to spend that much money on the name brands, then why not just buy regular food and cook it? Barley and wheat are not what a wild animal would consume. That is what Blue is comparing your domestic animal to. Spending the 50 to 60 dollars on a bag of dogfood seems a bit much when you can buy actual meat, cook it, and then serve it to your furry family member. The meat is actually healthier for them anyways and gives so many more benefits.

                Dog Kibble Raw or CookedAs an experienced veterinary tech and medical professional, I personally have done this for my dogs and have seen how much better it is for them. It helps with their weight, coat, skin components, blood circulation, digestive/ gastric tract, and so much more. It helps regulate their system. It improves the oiliness of the skin and helps the quality of their coat. The benefits of feeding actual meat also help with weight improvement and stamina. Blue does have it right when they refer to your domestic animal as having wolf ancestors. Wolves thrive on meat. They may supplement their diet in the wilderness by consuming grass and other similar substances when food is scarce but our domestic friends usually do not have that problem, unless they are put in horrendous circumstances by their human caretakers.

                Many veterinary articles (Veterinary Practice News, AVMA, American Kennel Club, Science Daily, NCBI, etc.) will explain that feeding Dog Kibble Raw or Cookeddog kibble or dry dog food can be easily contaminated and have many other components that are not good for your dog. On the other hand, feeding your furry friend raw meat can have other issues. Raw meat can contain certain bacteria that are not good for you or your pet. Those bacteria can cause other digestive and harmful issues for your pet(s). I suggest any meat you obtain from the store or a butcher, you take home and cook thoroughly before feeding it to your furry companions. I would consult your veterinarian on how much to start feeding your pet and how often if you are unsure. It also gives you a chance to ask any further questions you have and it allows your veterinarian to note that your pet’s diet has changed so they can track progress.Dog Kibble Raw or Cooked

                If you are on the fence on what to feed your dog or if you feel you are concerned about the price difference, please think of regular cooked meat as an option. If you do decide to do this, have done this, or have any further questions on it, please let me know in the comments. Thank you for reading Dog Food Commercials: Kibble, Raw or Cooked. As always, you can reach me on here or on my publishing webpage: https://www.gt-publishing.com or on Facebook. I am always open to new readers, fans, commenters, and reviewers. I encourage everyone to review any of my books on Good Reads. Just type in the search box, Their Safe Landing by Georgia Grace or Their Somewhere Safe by Georgia Grace and it brings them up. Thank you for your support and remember, “You can’t have History without a story in it!”

Apollodorus of Phalerum once stated: “Before that I led a perfectly haphazard existence, and though I thought that I was getting somewhere, I was in fact the most wretched creature imaginable – quite as wretched as you are now – and believed that the pursuit of wisdom was the last thing a man should devote himself to.” (Plato, The Symposium, pg. 34). This can sum up a lot of my younger years in life, as I am sure there are more people this can relate to as well. My name is Georgia Grace and I am a writer. Mostly consisting of romance, all types, but I also like to extend my work into many areas. You can get a taste of that within my blogs and short stories on this fabulous site. As a writer, I am always researching and being creative. Writing is how I express my creativity, along with some other random outlets, but as adults we just go through life. One day at a time, going in circles and never truly getting anywhere except to the next second, minute, hour, day or moment. In todays society we are always pushing to progress, but it seems our history has been swept aside so easily that it becomes nothing more than a mistake at times. However, what we fail to understand, as a society, is that history creates wisdom. Within those moments in time, our history, our flaws, our triumphs, our inevitable decisions are how we can create different outcomes in the future. It is within the wisdom of our mistakes and haphazard that we grow. Focusing on how to get things right or wrong or perfect, can also create wretched monsters of us as well. I am a writer, yes, but I am so much more. I am a mother, wife, rescuer, sinner and saint and through life’s ups and downs I am gainfully employed. I have extensive education, both in the classroom and in life. Some of those degrees consist of CPC, CNA, CSFS, a Bachelors in HIM and an Associates in Applied Science. I have experience as a veterinary technician, management, the medical field, sales, retail and so many other adventures that it would take too long to explain on here. Plus, I would probably bore you with details. At a certain point either people are impressed, or they stop listening, so I will just save us the trouble and move on… In order to get to know me, you would have to understand me. One way to do that is to delve deeper into my essence and beliefs as a person. This can be found in my writings within this platform. I plan to post blogs and short stories while I am a part of this fantastic group of writers and I hope that you will enjoy some of my wisdom and passion, as I share it with you. If you feel that my style is one you enjoy, keep a look out for my book, soon to be published, in an attached link when I have one. Other than that, happy reading and remember, "You Can’t Have History Without A Little Story In It." Can also find me on Good Reads: https://www.goodreads.com/georgiagraceromanceauthor

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