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Writing a book is an awesome task.  It takes time, diligence, effort, and desire.  However, once you have completed your work, the long difficult journey of rewrites, editing, and overhauling begins.  Yes, it is a difficult task to write a book, but it requires even more diligence and determination to complete your piece sufficiently for publication.  And make no mistake, your first draft will need many changes.  I find that editing a book takes almost as much time as writing it-well almost.  For me, telling a story comes easily.  But oh those rewrites.  No fun.  Just hard work.  And no matter how many times I edit the book, I find more things to change and better ways of expressing my thoughts.

It can be discouraging to new writers to think that the work they have slaved over is not ready to be published.  But trust me, first or even second drafts need polishing.  It is the true work of the piece.  Being a writer is work… not play play.  I think sometimes people are mistaken in thinking it would be so cool to write something profound and exciting and travel the country signing autographs.   Great idea, but seldom does it happen.  You have to cut your teeth, so to speak, on the hard truth of editing.  Making that marvelous story into something that people will read and say, “Wow, that was great!”  You do not want them to say, “Nice story, but I did not understand half of it.”

Words are our paint brush and we must practice using them on many canvases.  Don’t give up – the efforts you make will be the verification of your skills and habits!

If you have written a book and want some information on publishing, let us know.  We will be answering questions and continuing on with any helps that we can offer.


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