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Hello to all, I love projects.  Big projects that take a long time to accomplish.  But when the big project is completed, I walk around the house looking for things to clean, organize, dust, vacuum, or cook.  It feels like I still should be working on that big project.  But before I start my next big project, namely the next book in the series, I need to get acquainted with marketing, promoting, and socializing our books.  This is an area that is not as comfortable for me.  Facebook and I do not always see ‘eye to eye’ as it goes.  I love working on the website, but twitter, facebook, and all the other places I need to go to accomplish our marketing strategies….. well, this feels like I am a salmon swimming up stream. One of the first things that needs to be done is to encourage our readers to do reviews on our books.  As the holidays are approaching, people get so busy that they don’t always think of this…. but to the author, well we depend on the reviews to sell the books.  As crass as that sounds, it is true.  Promote on social media and ask for reviews on places like Goodreads, Amazon, etc. I love reading and have a very wide variety that I enjoy – everything from westerns to historical novels.  But even I forget to do a review now and again.  I usually finish a book and have to run to do something totally unrelated-usually fixing a meal, as I love curling up with a book in the afternoon. So if you do read one of our books, please take the time to give it an honest review on as many locations as you can – your authors will love you for it!!

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