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Over the last few years, I have had the privilege to meet many writers.  Few were published in the conventional sense, but all were enthusiastic about putting their thoughts, ideas, stories, and histories down on paper.  And even though they had not been published by one of the big houses, they had wonderful stories that they shared with me.  One reason which our readers may not be aware of is the degree of complexity involved with being published…. getting an agent, submitting queries, submitting segments, developing a platform; need I go on?  It is extremely baffling to someone who loves to write, but who has never crossed the barrier reef of modern publication.

Writers Espresso wishes to help writers who want to publish, but have no idea as to where to start.  We will be adding informational pages and suggestions that we have found after studying the many volumes of data that seem to be never ending (and often contradictory to one another).   As we come across special information that will be of a benefit to our writers, we will pass it on or provide the links to the websites (with their permission) that are the most current in an ever-changing publishing area.

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