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Sick Day Games

When the days seem rainy or you have a child that is not feeling well, you wonder what things you can do or what games you could play. As a mother, I find that I think of those things when I also am bored for myself. As a child that constantly needs to be stimulated though, it can be worse. No parent wants to see their child sad or lacking because they want something or need something to do.

Being stuck inside only makes the need to do something worse unless you are so malaise that you do not want to even get up. In those cases, sleep is the best remedy. For the purpose of this article, we will discuss different ideas to keep little minds entertained while staying inside.

game 1First, you need to understand your age group. I am going to cover a few age groups so if your child fits into one and you see something you would like to try, Go For It. It can also be difficult when you have different age groups all in one family unit. A lot of times that means breaking out or having them each do things individually. I understand if that can be difficult, mostly with the smaller children when the older ones need attention too.

My first suggestion block encompasses all ranges. I suggest getting into pajamas, if you are not in them already, making sure you have blankets and pillows with lots of snacks. Pick a few good movies and binge-watch or pick a few good games and play on the TV for a while. If you have a few kids or different age ranges, this is where separate systems come into play. They can all play together or have their own playtime. If you find you have younger ones and the older ones do not want to watch kiddie movies, I suggest finding a Disney film or similar in comparison to watch. There are also series on television that the whole family can get into.

The first suggestion is a typical one. Everyone has done this, even adults. My second suggestion is painting. You do not have to really be crafty to do this idea. You can find paper, rocks, cloth, or any other type of material you wish to place out. I would allow your kids to have options so they can choose which item they would like to paint. Make sure you have plenty of space if you have multiple children and an array of colors. Having out multiple cups of water and rags you do not mind getting dirty is a must in my house. This creates ways to clean up mess easier. I love discussing things with my kids while we paint. School, what they want to be when they are older, any problems they are facing and so much more. Kids love to talk while their hands are busy. Plus, it allows for more bonding time and mine tend to get sillier when they are able to create artful messes.

My second suggestion, have a writing party at home. For my older ones, I give them a topic and they write stories or poems about it. It not only helps their creative minds expand but also helps with their writing skills. I get to see a side of them I might not have otherwise. If you have a little one, I ask them to tell me a story or a letter they would like to make. It gets them talking to you and that can help their verbal and social skills without them knowing it. If they do not feel like talking much because they are sick or whatever, I have them draw something. The drawing is usually for someone else though, so they are able to share it later. It gets their mind still moving and their body. The conversations you will have during this process can create great memories to share later.

Third, hide and seek. Now I know some older kids may not want to play this game, but it doesn’t have to be hide and seek with people. It can be Hide and Seek of things. You can always make this a rewards system too for older kids. They find something, they get to pick a candy or something along those lines. My younger ones like to do it to see if they can find some of their older toys. My older ones like to play this to see if they can solve a riddle. I give them a clue, and they need to see if they can find the thing I have hidden. It gets them talking, working together, and their solving skills to the surface. When they are older, they will be grateful for these skills one way or another.

Fourth, I suggest reading stories. If you have one child, have them pick out a few books. You can make different voices for characters and have them snuggle close. Some much-needed personal time will also help your emotional state as the parent too. If you have multiple children, even in different age groups, you can have them all sit together. Before they break off into their own groups of reading, they can pick a few books to read together. It will help them get sibling time, work together to read, and works on their speech skills without them knowing it. Reading out loud to a sibling or child gets them a comfort level just from hearing your voice. It only adds to the stimulation when they take turns and are leaning on each other for interaction.

Fifth, and my last suggestion on this post, I suggest cooking together. Let your child pick out what they want to eat for lunch or dinner. Allow them to choose ingredients. Cooking is not only a life skill but also a creative and calming one. Some people find cooking to be a sort of meditation and allowing your children to experience that and learn new ways to handle their food, gives them so many other outlets. Work with them. This is an opportune time to create memories and give them good experiences. My kids do make messes, which as a person who detests messes it can be difficult at times, but when you are expecting it, it can become a bit easier. Learn to relax and your kids will for the most part. My kids like to try to create new things in the kitchen. My daughter likes to make lunch slime. She tries to make things edible. I can say not appealing to me, but it works for her. All of my kids love to create new meals and find new ways to mix things together. If you have a sense of humor, you will fit in perfectly here. They make faces with their food and I find their personalities come out, even more, when they can actually play with what they eat.

In the end, try to make being inside enjoyable but relaxing. I try to involve other skills in their game times because they will use them later without even knowing it. Making positive experiences will only encourage them to want to do them again, plus it gives you personal family bonding time together. Those memories will stay close to your heart forever.

I am a children's author of the imagination. I love to inspire and be inspired. There are so many people out there, both young and old that could use a little magic in their life and I like the create the magical in any passionate situation. If you wish to know more please read some of my work. I will post my books as they become available on here as well. Mistakes are not only learning experiences but how we can create magic of our own. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, be afraid of never making any and never finding the "wow" moment in life.


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