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New book coming to town

Hello to all our readers,

I am sorry I have not written before now, but I am putting the finishing touches on my latest book, DARK JUSTICE.  It is much different than my last book as it is written for a different audience and in a much different tone.  I wrote this book for a couple of reasons:  First, I heard a country western song on the radio about an abused woman who finally set herself free by killing her abuser…. So I mentally wondered what would it take to force a normal person to commit murder.  And secondly, I wanted to discuss partner abuse in its most open or subtle forms.  This is a problem that is universal and needs to be addressed.

Although it sounds like an odd topic, I think it actually should be discussed with our teenage children before they start to find partners.  If they are taught a few of the warning signs, perhaps they can avoid some of the most horrific examples that I show in the book.  If you have teenage girls or boys, speak to them about the subject… just like you have about drugs, sex, and the myriad of other topics that should be discussed.

The book will be out sometime in September and I hope you will enjoy it!



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