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Decluttering Zen – GG –

To begin, I have a large blended family, so in order to get things done it can take some maneuvering. With so many different characters, ages and different personalities trying to accomplish tasks can sometimes get out of hand. As with anything in life, trial and error are a part of living. In this post, I will be taking you through one of my routines that have helped a lot. In my family, we like to help others, whether that be reusing, recycling or donating. So, when it comes to cleaning a room as part of chore with children ranging from four to fourteen, there needs to be some type of motivation to get things done.

When I have my children clean their rooms their goal is to always organize. Every parent wants their child to have a clean and organized room but like most kids, this is not their top priority, and my kids are no exception to this statistic. They have messy rooms, sometimes just moments after they clean them. I make sure they start by creating piles. Piles always help with the separating. My boys like to have music playing in the background. Something to give a beat to their work. The singing also helps them work together. My daughter on the other hand likes different things depending on her mood. That could be music, silence, or monologue. Talking to herself can be a great motivator. If you notice people at the gym or walking around, they have tendencies to pep talk themselves up.

To make this a family affair I will go through and help here and there. The main focus is for them to do it themselves and typically in my household we have a reward system in place. It is not your typical reward system though. It is more of a self-worth and self-pride reward. While they work they look for things they can donate. There are so many other people that need things and when you are reminded of how much you are able to give to make someone else’s day better, it gives you a warmth within. My daughter loves this chore. Infact, one of our family members runs a charity donation to hospitals and other organizations for children with serious medical illnesses called Daddy’s Dolls. My daughter recently just donated a box of dolls to this cause. These dolls do not need to be in great shape, they will clean them up before they ship them out, but knowing that you are putting a smile on someone’s face makes my daughter smile. My boys like to donate clothes or books. They pull books to put in a free book center at the park.

The fun does not stop there because every time they clean my thirteen-year-old loves being able to rearrange his room to. This allows him to express himself in his own way. As a mom, I personally love watching them cleaning and deciding what goes and what stays. The process can be enlightening because I learn what is important to them and how they are shaping (morale wise) as individuals. In return, this clears out their rooms and helps declutter, and organize. Sometimes less is more. The less my children have in their room the less likely they are to make it a mess.

Having more organization and less mess also helps with other health benefits too. They can find things easier, they are able to relax better, and this in turn creates less anxiety and stress. When there is less of the emotional chaos there is lighter, happier air in the household.

Apollodorus of Phalerum once stated: “Before that I led a perfectly haphazard existence, and though I thought that I was getting somewhere, I was in fact the most wretched creature imaginable – quite as wretched as you are now – and believed that the pursuit of wisdom was the last thing a man should devote himself to.” (Plato, The Symposium, pg. 34). This can sum up a lot of my younger years in life, as I am sure there are more people this can relate to as well. My name is Georgia Grace and I am a writer. Mostly consisting of romance, all types, but I also like to extend my work into many areas. You can get a taste of that within my blogs and short stories on this fabulous site. As a writer, I am always researching and being creative. Writing is how I express my creativity, along with some other random outlets, but as adults we just go through life. One day at a time, going in circles and never truly getting anywhere except to the next second, minute, hour, day or moment. In todays society we are always pushing to progress, but it seems our history has been swept aside so easily that it becomes nothing more than a mistake at times. However, what we fail to understand, as a society, is that history creates wisdom. Within those moments in time, our history, our flaws, our triumphs, our inevitable decisions are how we can create different outcomes in the future. It is within the wisdom of our mistakes and haphazard that we grow. Focusing on how to get things right or wrong or perfect, can also create wretched monsters of us as well. I am a writer, yes, but I am so much more. I am a mother, wife, rescuer, sinner and saint and through life’s ups and downs I am gainfully employed. I have extensive education, both in the classroom and in life. Some of those degrees consist of CPC, CNA, CSFS, a Bachelors in HIM and an Associates in Applied Science. I have experience as a veterinary technician, management, the medical field, sales, retail and so many other adventures that it would take too long to explain on here. Plus, I would probably bore you with details. At a certain point either people are impressed, or they stop listening, so I will just save us the trouble and move on… In order to get to know me, you would have to understand me. One way to do that is to delve deeper into my essence and beliefs as a person. This can be found in my writings within this platform. I plan to post blogs and short stories while I am a part of this fantastic group of writers and I hope that you will enjoy some of my wisdom and passion, as I share it with you. If you feel that my style is one you enjoy, keep a look out for my book, soon to be published, in an attached link when I have one. Other than that, happy reading and remember, "You Can’t Have History Without A Little Story In It." Can also find me on Good Reads:

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