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Dark Justice is Published and Available …. all over the place!

Hello to all the patient readers and fans.  I have heard from the printers/publishers and others that the initial release is available now.  Dark Justice is a fictional work dealing with abuse and murder.  It will keep you guessing and might even get you cheering for the murderer.  Now doesn’t that make you wonder?  In today’s modern age, you would think that abuse would not be as prevalent as it is, but statistics show that it is an ever present evil that takes on many forms.  My research left me appalled at the amounts and types of abuse that are in our ‘enlightened’ society.  I have written this book to entertain, but also to show some of the forms and to hopefully help young ladies and gentlemen avoid someone with these types of issues.  They say knowledge is power…. well I say forewarned is forearmed.  When looking for a spouse, there are often signs that someone maybe a controller.  And it applies equally to both male and female.  I hope this book is enjoyable and informative… but beware – reading it will take you into the gray areas of life.

Dark Justice is the first in the James Carter – FBI series.

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