Hey readers – it’s me SRS, starting my very first blog entry!

Happy Sunday morning everyone! SRS here and welcome to my very first blog entry. For those of you coming from Goodreads, you will be happy to know that not only can you follow and post on my blog, but also to my very good friend and author Mary Jane Witjyk’s blog. She wrote “Tears of Dragons Gone By” an absolute must read for adults and children alike. I’m not very sure just how to blog, but I am going to view it as if it were my journal. A place to write down my thoughts and ideas. I must admit I am very excited to get in touch with my readers. I am happy to report that “the hunt for the healer” will be coming out in paperback in the following weeks, so if you are interested please contact me, here or on our Facebook page: writersespresso. with a pre-order.

I am very excited to say that the second book in the halo series is halfway completed and my oh my the twists and turns will have you spinning. How will JJ cope with revenge? Will she ever forgive Garius? Has Ketra truly killed Kaitlin? Will Leebo make it thru his journey in the earthen cell?

Come on readers, show your excitement , curiosity and questions…

Well its a rainy dreary day, a perfect time to light the candles and get lost in the world of fantasy


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