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  • Vamp Talk by SrS

    Female Vampires

     KETRA Hello everyone SrS here. I’ve been sitting here all week contemplating just how to explain the character Ketra. Growing up, the few vampire movies that were out, all seemed to be portrayed as a stereotype. Pale face, jet black…

  • Vamp Talk by SrS

    vampire Leebo

    Hello everyone, SrS here.  Its way past my second cup of coffee but better late than never I say.  This particular blog had me a little stumped.  In my vampire series, the most underplayed character would be Leebo.  He starts…

  • Vamp Talk by SrS

    Vampire Antics

    Goodmorning… SrS here, getting ready to emerge myself in the glorious fantasy land of vampires. The weather here is dismal and dark, with rain splattering against the window panes.  My coffee is hot and the fingers are in position over…

  • Vamp Talk by SrS

    Why vampires?

    Good Morning my fellow vampire lovers, SrS here.  As promised, I am enjoying my second cup of coffee with you!!!! Lets explore all the concepts of vampires and why I chose to create the vampires that I did. As far…

  • Vamp Talk by SrS

    second cup of coffee

    morning everyone! SrS here, I have come to the decision that during my second cup of coffee of the morning, i would sit and blog instead of scratch my head and walk in circles as to what to do first.…

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