• SrS 2019 Goals

    2019 Goal Update 3/7/19

    Hello Everyone, SrS here!!! It has certainly been awhile since I have posted on our website, at least a month. I do apologize but I have been a busy beaver! I am happy to report that as of today, I…

  • SrS 2019 Goals

    2019 Goal Update

    Hello Everyone! SrS here with my 2019 goals update. As you can see, a lot has been added to my wall of desired achievements. Before I get into all of that I just need to say that I am having…

  • SrS 2019 Goals

    2019 Goals

    Well, 2019 is finally here and I must say that although 2018 had some hardships and challenges it was still a great year. I watched my Facebook feed as the old year was coming to an end and every single…

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