Blogs by MJ


When I retired from my teaching and training life, I wondered what I would do when ‘I grew up’ as the expression goes.  Writing stories seems to be an outlet for my creative side.  But I am a middle of the road creative.  Half analytical, half creative.  As a full time writer, I find that these two halves wrestle for daily control.  If I start the day doing analytical stuff, which could be answering email, paying bills, going shopping (yes, this is analytical…. having to read and judge all those dumb labels), cleaning and daily chores, or just thinking up the next story I will write, I find the current book will not be worked on as easily.

Since my mind does not seem to shut up, I have to control where it goes, if I am to write my ten pages a day.  I wonder if that happens to other authors.  I can see some of my favorite authors (in my mind) sitting down and working on their pages or keyboards-concentrating on their book.  I do well to find my keyboard under the mass of papers that I get in the mail.  Forms, files, and junk…I have no idea how many trees there are in my wastepaper basket.

If you do any writing, I would love to hear from you.  We are going to be adding other writers to this website and I would like to get to know them.  And if you ever wanted to write, but have not gotten started – there is no better time then now.

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