Welcome to Writers Espresso!

Writers Espresso has a two-fold purpose:  First and foremost, this website is to introduce you to some of our authors and their work. You will be able to get glimpses of upcoming books, view videos or read previews, purchase books, listen to interviews and interact on this blog.

Secondly,  the world needs to expand for new authors that are only known within their own inner circle.  We are in the process of introducing them to an awaiting public, as well as teaching them publishing, marketing and social techniques that will open up their publishing universe.  However, not all our authors are new to the publishing game and they will be adding their expertise to the site to help new authors avoid pitfalls in publishing.

For our followers, it serves multiple purposes – first, you receive a chance to interact with the authors on an open platform and secondly, you get a ‘heads up’ regarding anything new or special that they introduce.  You will see it here first!

For new authors, it gives information and help to speed up their publishing prowess, decision processes, and comfort level using social media to further their goals.  

So grab a cup of coffee (or tea.. 🙂 ) and join us as we work together to make this site enjoyable, whether you are a reader or a writer. 

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